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We’re Jayva UK Ltd, specialist provider of consultancy and training to law firms throughout the UK.

Our sister company Jayva US Inc, in the USA, provides implementation consultancy to US attorneys and law offices.  

Our team of highly knowledgeable, dynamic consultants and trainers understand your challenges and can help you overcome them by tailoring our support to your unique needs.

Projects range from business process reengineering to project rescue and everything in between. We’re your trusted advisor, delivering exceptional solutions.

You can instruct Jayva on an ad hoc, ongoing or fixed term basis thereby tapping into our renowned expertise for one off or regular projects, without committing to full time, permanent employees.


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Support for law firms

We have lengthy backgrounds in the legal sector, not least our Managing Director, Nicola Moore-Miller, who’s held senior management level finance roles within the legal industry for 18 years.

With chartered accountancy qualifications, multiple software certifications and broad accounting specialisms, the Jayva team is able to offer the requisite bespoke consultancy to promote outstanding financial performance, guarantee compliance with regulators and ensure the needs of those earning fees are met.


Our extensive portfolio of services for law firms includes:- 

System audits and information management reviews

We analyse your existing technology, frameworks and policies plus the flow of information within your company. Following our preliminary assessment, we identify areas for improvement with guidance for implementation.

LEAP Legal Software implementation

As certified consultancy for LEAP Legal Software, dedicated case management and legal accounting software for the smaller law firm, our complete implementation services encompass installation, configuration, data validation and sign off, precedent creation, end user training, project management, legal accounts training, follow up training, upgrades and ongoing system administration. 

Case and practice management system selection and installation

From invitation to tender right through to system implementation, with our input you’re sure to roll out the optimal solution for your particular requirements, migrating effortlessly from your incumbent to new system within budget and to deadline.

General legal practice management consultancy

With external backing from Jayva, benefit from objective advice, learn how to tackle all manner of practice management conundrums, assume best practice standards and improve your entire business’s performance.

Organisational management and business re-organisation

We review your current organisational management set up to ensure your culture is sufficiently robust to achieve your objectives. Where possible development is determined, we devise a programme for re-organisation of your internal structure. 

Business process reengineering, Lean Six Sigma and COBIT

We evaluate residing business processes and take a holistic view of your organisation in order to redesign workflows and maximise efficiencies across your core business functions with specific value targets in mind, for example increasing customer satisfaction or reducing costs.

Project management and project rescue

By acting as your project manager, we can plan, launch and control the activities undertaken by your designated project team thereby reaching pre-defined goals. For live projects not going to plan, we quickly resolve issues and get things back on track.



At Jayva, our raison d’être is to enable law firms to work more efficiently, be it by introducing new software or bringing together people, processes and technology to add real value to the companies we serve, even in the most traditional law firm.

We’re proud of the wide-ranging nature of our consultancy and training catalogue which demonstrates the expansive skill set of our team. Our team is the reason for our success. We recruit carefully, celebrate achievements and appreciate every single staff member.

Client centricity is our constant focus. It’s part of our quest for ‘customers for life’. Our team’s combined competencies cover training, finance, risk, quality assurance, project and general business management. This means, whatever your exacting demands, we have the resources to help. Our purpose is to do so cost effectively and timely in a friendly, helpful and approachable manner. 

We think this genuinely caring attitude is what makes Jayva truly different. Relationships are at the core of everything we do, not only with our employees and clients, but also with associates and other stakeholders. We work collaboratively and the end result is exceptional solutions with which we’re rewarded loyal, repeat users who readily recommend our services to prospective clients.

We believe in collaboration and specialisation, and work with a close network of trusted partners. If you approach us for a project which doesn’t meet our skill set, we won’t try to deliver on something if we feel one of our partners would deliver stronger results. We always recommend the best solution for clients, even if that means Jayva doesn't undertake the work for certain tasks.



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