Calthrops sings praises of the Jayva UK team

As IT Partner for Calthrops Solicitors LLP, Craig Delaney has introduced a sophisticated cloud-based system across the firm for case management and legal accounting. When he first joined the practice as a Solicitor 8 years ago, however, the firm’s internal systems were much more traditional.

“Initially, we were using a simple networked folder structure with many documents typed up from scratch”, explains Craig. “This was a time intensive, repetitive process. Last year, we made a significant step forward to an advanced set up, part locally stored, part cloud hosted, for full practice management as a firm-wide network.”

Recognising that such an ambitious IT project would stretch his time and expertise, Craig appointed legal IT consultancy, Jayva UK Ltd.

“A project of this large scale demands careful handling and specialist support”, continues Craig. “I am, after all, a Solicitor first, IT Partner second! The data conversion and software installation presented a major challenge but with Nicola Moore-Miller at Jayva acting as intermediary between Calthrops and our software supplier, we felt much more at ease and confident that our needs would be met. Nicola and her team devised a timetable so that we could go live with the new system when the data conversion was complete. Without Nicola’s involvement, we’d probably still be struggling to make the switchover, even now. Quite simply, she was our lifeline!”

Jayva’s manifold role was as liaison; technical and strategic support between Calthrops and its IT company; manager of the overall implementation; and specialist case management and accounts trainer for Calthrops’ end users.

“Nicola set a series of realistic deadlines for each key stage of the project up-front”, concludes Craig. “She handled our expectations brilliantly and invariably delivered on her promises. As a proactive, ‘can-do’ individual, Nicola was the guiding force that made it all happen. Nicola is flexible too, which proved particularly advantageous for this project because our original specifications evolved along the way.

“Her depth of knowledge on accounting systems and data proved invaluable, assisting with the results of the data conversion whilst at the same time considering procedural aspects, and throwing in a bit of business consultancy too. Overall, the staff at Jayva were a calming influence during a stressful period. What was really important to us was the dedicated, professional and honest approach which Nicola and her team demonstrated. We now class Nicola, Jo, Steve and the rest of Jayva as trusted friends of the firm, and we look forward to a continuing professional relationship.”

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