LEAP certifies Jayva as first UK independent consultant

Jayva UK Ltd is delighted to announce its appointment as the first independent consultant for LEAP Legal Software in the UK.

Supplier to the world’s largest number of law firms by an independent software house, Australian-headquartered LEAP is extending its case management product into the UK legal market. Targeting 1-25 user sites, LEAP adopts an outsourced consultancy business model to allow firms purchasing its system to achieve cost effective and timely implementations.

With Jayva back-up, LEAP’s flexible consultancy approach enables the company to utilise highly skilled personnel with notable experience in the legal sector. Jayva’s Managing Director, Nicola Moore-Miller, has spent the past 14 years of her career in senior positions in the legal profession. As a Chartered Management Accountant, Nicola’s roles have included Finance Manager of a top 50 law firm and, most recently, as Client Services Director of a legal software provider.

Nicola and her tight-knit network of Jayva consultants have the specialised skillset required to closely assist practices throughout the LEAP software installation, data migration, training and overall project management processes. With their wealth of experience in all aspects of legal practice management, additional management and development consultancy provision will help firms adjust to new reform, legislation and other changes which affect their business throughout their life in practice.

By negating the need to employ in-house consultants, LEAP is able to focus on its priority areas, namely its product and support services, as well as an ongoing annual £5m research and development initiative for continual software improvement.

LEAP’s certification of Jayva follows a series of interview and training assessments which ensure Jayva’s superior-calibre consultants have sufficient technical, regulatory and business knowledge both of the industry as a whole and specifically the LEAP software.

By authorising Jayva to act as its UK-based consultants, there’s a quality guarantee promising consultancy services which add tangible value to firms’ LEAP software purchase at reasonable cost.

Chris Stock, LEAP’s General Manager, explains: "As part of LEAP's launch into the UK, it’s important that we surround ourselves with high quality partners who we can trust to provide our clients with the high level of service their businesses deserve.

“We’re very pleased to announce our first training, implementation and consulting partner is Jayva. We look forward to working with Nicola and her team to help improve and revolutionise high street firms across the UK.”

Nicola Moore-Miller comments: “It’s a real privilege to receive LEAP’s consultancy certification and exciting to operate alongside the group at such a pinnacle in its UK entry.

“Since working with LEAP, I’ve been impressed with its dynamic and client-focused approach to business. LEAP knows its market and how to deliver what its clients need efficiently and affordably. 

“By outsourcing its implementation consultancy services, LEAP is able to promote the use of the best-qualified professionals, trained by them, at a cost and timescale which makes software roll out accessible and effortless. From my perspective, to partner with such an innovative organisation generates a host of opportunities for Jayva, and we’re thrilled to be involved with LEAP. 

“With LEAPs existing UK client base, and successful new business intakes, our services will become available to thousands of law firms throughout the country, who may not previously have had access to the depth and breadth of expertise which we can offer so inexpensively. Jayva’s consultants have different backgrounds, all within legal, which means that our combined competences cover training, finance, risk, quality assurance, project and general business management. So, whatever the exacting demands of each individual client, we have the resources to draw upon.

“Jayva’s consultancy team, led by myself, have the knowledge and agility to support LEAP’s UK projects which are now quickly gathering pace.”

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Jayva UK Ltd